If I ever have a child I’m going to name it Laurel

If I ever have a child I’m going to name it Laurel just so they won’t I know if someone is calling their name half… https://t.co/9MwMFmIiJo

  • 1h

    RT: Me trying to hold my life together https://t.co/wf4HcOSy0m

  • 6h

    This show started off playing Mecano’s Me Colé en Ina Fiesta. Nice way to hook me. 👍

  • 8h

    Tbh I have a little bit of Diane in me https://t.co/mTyPlVQx85

  • 9h

    I haven’t been able to get another pet bunny since I was in first grade. I’m still not ready. 😔😢💔 I still remember… https://t.co/5AeO5IzO2B

  • 10h

    Me when girls cover their hair to not get wet and it’s barely sprinkling outside. And then complain about how horri… https://t.co/903KaNsUCF

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  • 10h

    Now that I’ve finished watching it’s clear that ppl today don’t understand and can’t handle a satire.… https://t.co/Eh2Ymyptyx

  • 16 Aug

    Now she’s facebooking. That’s 3 tasks she started and never finished...

  • 16 Aug

    My mom said she was going to help hang a mirror. She’s started unpacking a box and then doing laundry. Now she’s lo… https://t.co/tT8Y6Sfyz5

  • 16 Aug

    My mom definitely has ADD.