RT @PeterPerfect09: I would do soooooooo much good

RT @PeterPerfect09: I would do soooooooo much good if I hit the lotto

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    Had the same face Daniel did https://t.co/vnn22OWr87

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    RT: “Did I leave some ketchup packets at yo house???” Lmaoooo

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    Issa really doing the same shit she was mad at Lawrence for in season 1. Oh how have the tables turned.

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    Issa got a 425 credit score. Jesus Christ.

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    RT: Tears in my eyes https://t.co/DQmRHWQXfK

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    RT: Stormi sitting behind Nicki at the VMAs https://t.co/jZCrQBFLTP

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    HOLY SHIIIIIIII https://t.co/dB2D7AGxEy

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    RT: That rapper tweeting like Donald Trump again.