If at first you don’t succeed, try try again #IVo

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again #IVoteBTSBBMAs #NeverGiveUp

  • 3h

    Know your values and beliefs. Communicate them to those you love. Getting to the roots of what you value and believ… https://t.co/ithi3nujgN

  • 17 Aug

    Life will be filled with failure, especially for the brave who put themselves out there. When failure happens, look… https://t.co/7R7dfhTldr

  • 15 Aug

    To all of India

  • 14 Aug

    No one has it all figured out.

  • 14 Aug

    ⚡️👊 9/1

  • 12 Aug

    Honesty is the foundation of unlocking your potential. We often try to project image an that we are “perfect”. No o… https://t.co/Zx2sfKwHeF

  • 10 Aug

    You are the sum of your actions, not your words.

  • 9 Aug

    You do NOT want to throw a beer at a robot. Ever. See the first episode of streaming now on YouTube!… https://t.co/suqSmDCsae

  • 9 Aug

    The promises you make mean nothing compared to those you keep.

  • 8 Aug

    Be vulnerable. It shows you for you. People will judge, disagree, and downright despise. But you will be you. Most… https://t.co/KOfCsuxlkM