RT @MileyCyrus: If this isn’t a definition of a “T

RT @MileyCyrus: If this isn’t a definition of a “Time” i don’t know wtf #AnEra https://t.co/9EbBfgQHM9

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    RT: Thank you for coming out to see us, it's been a pleasure playing for you all. I hope I'll be seeing you again very soon.…

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    RT: I am a heterosexual male https://t.co/p7rAzBAZkQ

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    RT: Cher at Costume Institute Gala, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1974. Photo by  Ron Galella. https://t.co/k2AHK1O0zK

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    RT: Rihanna: Cause I didn't mean to hurt him, could’ve been somebody's son & I took his heart when i pulled out that gun 12 year ol…

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    RT: RT if you’re the best in the world

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    RT: me: h- girl who’s obsessed with horoscopes and astrology: https://t.co/acjES4hlpH

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    RT: i always romanticize people when i come up with fake scenarios in my head and then i’m disappointed when they aren’t how i fant…

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    She bad

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    RT: if you remember who this is and where he's from, ur entitled to a veterans discount at any stores that offer it https://…