Not long ago, the island was abandoned—nothing but

Not long ago, the island was abandoned—nothing but barren shores and craggy rocks. Now it's home to thousands of an…

  • 15m

    They may not have airplanes in mind, but these two bonobos really are playing

  • 1h

    The Island of the Colorblind, skyscrapers in Hong Kong, and a volcano-dotted island—these photos cover it all

  • 2h

    Kitty the duck was left behind in her nest before she even hatched, but luckily she was welcomed into another family

  • 3h

    Understanding the choice of animals used in ancient clothing production provides unique insights into the human past

  • 4h

    Forests cover about 30% of the planet, but these essential habitats are being cleared on a massive scale

  • 5h

    "They’re seeing the problems and creating solutions with their own know-how."

  • 6h

    Winsol is the first healthy baby aardvark to be born at this zoo since 1994

  • 7h

    Toucans and monkeys are regular visitors in the daytime, but this is the first time a sloth has snuck in

  • 8h

    Photo of the Day: Curious Companions

  • 9h

    Did you know the Olympics first began as a religious event?