Not long ago, the island was abandoned—nothing but

Not long ago, the island was abandoned—nothing but barren shores and craggy rocks. Now it's home to thousands of an…

  • 25m

    In nature, termites build skyscraper-like mounds that are ventilated by a complex system of tunnels

  • 1h

    With the help of remote-operated vehicles, you can see what decades worth of ocean life looks like

  • 2h

    Some of the most memorable maps include one of the moon published just months before the first astronauts set foot…

  • 3h

    "We need to rethink what we think of as ‘clean’ within our environment."

  • 4h

    Which magnificent chicken portrait do you like the most?

  • 5h

    "The only light that this jellyfish gets is lights from other bioluminescent animals."

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    After years of watching kid finalists crush the questions at the Geo Bee, National Geographic staff took a stab at…

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    What gives snakes the best sense of smell on Earth?

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    Here's how a young flute player named Edwin Rist got swept up into a world of fanatical fly-tyers, crime, and obses…

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    Despite the dangers, two photographers have taken every opportunity to document the damage caused by this awe-inspi…