Since Melania Trump's jacket said "I really don't

Since Melania Trump's jacket said "I really don't care"... I set up Click the link and it…

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    Imagine being like “I’m not transphobic, but I think children shouldn’t be made aware that trans people exist becau…

  • 3m

    You’re a sad lady, Babs.

  • 4m

    Yeah, wouldn’t want to normalize trans people or anything.

  • 30m

    Seriously, would you want to get on this guy’s bad side?

  • 34m

    Sale would scare me more because I’d just be thinking about the time he didn’t like the uniforms the White Sox were…

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    RT: We’re less than $5k away from our kickstarter to fund Nib magazine in a day. Help put us over the top.

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    He’s not the mascot we need, but probably the one we deserve

  • 1h

    Do we know what the agreement they made was, or...?

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    RT: All-Star closer Sean Doolittle and Eireann Dolan work the red carpet at the // https://…