RT @Emma4Change: MY MAN SCOTT OUT HERE 😭😭😭 https:/

RT @Emma4Change: MY MAN SCOTT OUT HERE 😭😭😭 https://t.co/4cEwzvY94R

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    Does anyone know what kind of bird this feather is from? https://t.co/lVxSxywDkZ

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    RT: 6:10am Update. SFFD remains in the trackway at 24th St. Station which is closed. Some trains are able to get into SF and turn a…

  • 11h

    RT: in The 24 St station is closed due to a fire on the tracks. Expect delays traveling to all San…

  • 11h

    Sounds delightful

  • 20h

    RT: The Weinstein Co. has filed for bankruptcy and released employees from non-disclosure agreements, according to a press release.

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    RT: Baseball bookshelf: 12 titles for the new season https://t.co/sUHslwuqYY via

  • 20 Mar

    I was preparing dinner for you daughter. I didn’t feed her any ants. 🤣

  • 19 Mar

    RT: Today, after five long years and with bi-partsian sponsorship by Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congressman Bruce Poliquin, l…

  • 19 Mar

    RT: We in parkland recognize that one of the main reason we are being heard is because most of us are white. We have been w…

  • 19 Mar

    Means it’s been raining ☔️. Happens in all different rooms.