A little boy, whose father has died, is overcome w

A little boy, whose father has died, is overcome with emotion as he asks the #Pope a question. Francis beckons him… https://t.co/ChzYsTZfOa

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    RT: Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sexually harassed his seminarians for years and got away with it. Now one victim speaks. We loo…

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    The success of UK-HolySee relations in recent years has been on building cooperation on the 95 per cent of agreemen… https://t.co/PHTc0ufNI1

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    Traditionally joint work on development between and UK 🇬🇧 govt has been excellent, especially work led by… https://t.co/CuZJ0tkMGR

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    Signs of increasing tension between and thehttps://t.co/wS9Spun9ar

  • 12 Jul

    RT: Paul Haring captures the color coordination of a Swiss Guard and Sikh mourners at the funeral of Cardinal Jean-Louis Taur…

  • 12 Jul

    RT: has written to the Patriarch of Lisbon, thanking him for his note on the application of Full Engli…

  • 12 Jul

  • 12 Jul

    Unfortunately the most prominent Catholic Brexiteer MP had other priorities https://t.co/UUTa7oixQq

  • 12 Jul

    Very good to address a group of MPs and Peers in the Palace of Westminster (currently under refurbishment) on… https://t.co/fNxu5YHWp1

  • 11 Jul

    The St Peter’s Cricket team today on their tour of the UK 🇬🇧. So far they’ve won 5, lost… https://t.co/eI6HQWAeif