@bretjturner @chriscolin3000 Bret, I love how your

@bretjturner @chriscolin3000 Bret, I love how your tweets explode around the parenting world! Still hoping to grab… https://t.co/Rdj4dLlWNu

  • 20 Sep

    This makes me so happy.

  • 16 Sep

    I often feel that way in real life. Not sure dreams should ever be described.

  • 15 Sep

    Pillowy hummus with pools of garlic oil and a dusting of smoked paprika. Yes, I peeled every fucking chickpea. And… https://t.co/PpsVYUhBX4

  • 14 Sep

    Love you, Audra!

  • 14 Sep

    You are so amazing.

  • 13 Sep


  • 12 Sep

    Same here.

  • 12 Sep

    Me too.

  • 12 Sep

    Each year, 9/11 feels wildly different. But I always start by reading this. Because I forget the details. And I nev… https://t.co/7HYQ4fBKpr

  • 12 Sep

    And another great book event is happening over in Berkeley tomorrow night. https://t.co/wss9fXzQ0s