fics with happy endings.. jrothenbergtv should tak

fics with happy endings.. jrothenbergtv should take notes omg idk two characters that deserve a happy life together…

  • 1h

    oh fuck yeah theyre so stan worthy beliza who

  • 2h

    screw the umat wtf im coming america

  • 3h

    RT: bella: *walks into class* edward: yall smell that shit

  • 4h

    selena's new pics shes so jorjuus

  • 8h


  • 18h

    did u hear sumn no me neither

  • 18h

    put my name in my dn maybe if im not faceless twitter will think twice about eradicating my acc

  • 20h

    its not on netflix and my computer is being a acnt dw i will catch up quick

  • 20h

    im so incredibly bored wtf i wanna play mario kart but my nintendo is somewhere under a pile of rubble in the garage

  • 16 Aug

    omg my dumb ass thought my break lasted 3 hrs for some reason today when its only 2 and i just realised but im too…