I will take crazy over lazy any day. #TheAthElite

I will take crazy over lazy any day. #TheAthElite #quote

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    "Dialogue is about discussion with the intent to understand – not debate with the intent to win." - Jesse Lyn Stoner https://t.co/8pDOnUwFag

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    My mom worked too hard for me to end up anything less than awesome.

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    If you aren't having fun creating content, you're doing it wrong.- Ann Handley

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    When you blame others you give up your power to change. Take responsibility for your future! - Chris Voss

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    “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

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    A CEO explains why telling your team 'great job!' isn't encouraging and positive — it's unhelpful - Austin McChord… https://t.co/frGI0vRob5

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    Intel hurls Spectre 2 microcode patch fix at world - Mitigation for chip design vuln For the second time of asking,… https://t.co/XAg4jhsfvN

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    A great coach doesn't light a fire beneath you, but WITHIN you. -@DanVForbes https://t.co/JEkDEAS3ra

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    People change and forget to tell each other. ― Lillian Hellman

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