@catrific cat! happy birthday!! if you don't mind

@catrific cat! happy birthday!! if you don't mind me asking, what are you majoring in? professional curiosity sinc… https://t.co/8MwTG0iVEs

  • 10m

  • 29m

    i'm gonna silently step away from twitter for a bit now that i'm seeing some sexual memes with those matching dnp jackets lmao

  • 34m

    how can i unread this

  • 36m

    this is a cursed tweet lmao

  • 41m

    you make me smiile, that's something haha

  • 44m

    always helpful, what have i done to deserve you???

  • 45m

    ah thank you, you're a peach!

  • 45m

    i have trouble making friends irl and here dnp are matching and being all cute together after almost a decade and s… https://t.co/Vv8ztVrJc4

  • 46m

    dnp are truly a power couple

  • 47m