@catrific cat! happy birthday!! if you don't mind

@catrific cat! happy birthday!! if you don't mind me asking, what are you majoring in? professional curiosity sinc… https://t.co/8MwTG0iVEs

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    i need everyone to shut up and take a moment to appreciate how cute he is this is very important https://t.co/B8GP1FqqXF

  • 17m

    Imagine being more invested in every detail about dan and phils exact location at all times than the lovely content… https://t.co/8JTnSGVxHj

  • 30m

    And this is my favorite compliment ever sksksks https://t.co/9yvSVXLAne

  • 32m

    The ocean is beautiful but nothing compares to you Daniel https://t.co/etV7RiVOuR

  • 53m

    its what you deserve

  • 1h

    LMAO i keep getting associated with this tweet i love that skdjfls

  • 2h

    this is why phillies get the interviews 🤧😩

  • 2h

    You didn’t even pay attention smh https://t.co/EB663dU1pE

  • 2h

    there is no scale, only infinite love smh pathetic that you don't know that 😤

  • 2h

    she's my idol, i love bringing her up 😩