RT @marielstoll: I will never get tired of watchin

RT @marielstoll: I will never get tired of watching this. When I die, play it at my funeral. That’s how much I love it. https://t.co/JFmWq5…

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    Touche, worked on Chrome. Thank you!

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    Yes, he’s technically been released, but some of those players usually renegotiate contracts. I am ho… https://t.co/4cyPv2ySkz

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    is it possible to purchase items on safari (mobile device)? When it gets to the last part of checkou… https://t.co/RU3I4SOfjl

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    RT: Warming to Gareth Southgate. He’s like a neighbour who’s moved in recently and seemed a bit dull at first. Cuts his grass wit…

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    That Uruguay/Russia match is going to be pretty good isn’t it?

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    RT: There is literally no free buffet this man will not turn up to https://t.co/IJHvXUbJSV

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    The Premier League isn’t utilizing next season right? It’s going to be really annoying watching calls be wrong… https://t.co/aSLbueQdZ0

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    No I actually love Salah. He’s one of my favorite players. But it doesn’t mean his game doesn’t have li… https://t.co/HLupZeRyqQ

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    Kyle watch the man play. He has no ability 1v1 except with speed. He needs space. He doesn’t work in ti… https://t.co/ivcvnHzmQj

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    2nd best. But Ronaldo actually had this ability on United. He’s done it much less since his move to Real.